Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calling all Bacheloretts...Take Two

One Happy Kid!

Well...apparently January the month of doom and gloom was a bit livelier than usual for this group of pals. We have so many weddings on the horizon..that it is imparative to treat these gals to a night or two of FUN TIMES! Our dear lassie Katie is headed to the altar on February 7th..so a few of her closest decided to gather at a camphouse in the woods...for a glorified night of slumber..a true blast by any standards... Go get em' tiger!
Also pictured is my sweet love who is growing like a weed...or whatever tends to grow this time of year. I was gone to Houston last week for work stuff so MR MOM stepped up to the plate and did a great job...He had some help from Grammy and Papa in Columbus...way to go dad...sounded like it was quite a party...pity I wasn't invited

Monday, January 19, 2009

Miss to MRS...oh my!

I joined up with some of the old gang this weekend on the coast to wish our dear friend Amber one more HOORAH before the knot is officially tied....for the record...there will never be another red headed bundle of fun like this one...she packs a PUNCH...I feel sure that the MS gulf coast might still be recovering from what hit them...Congrats my friend..here's to YOU..the one and for sure the ONLY!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

The gals waiting back at home for the "meat" to return..you can tell Mary Cameron is stoked

Gay title I know...but Will wanted me to put "Will's Deer" I'm yawning just thinking about it...nevertheless...here is the "kill" from the weekend..unfortunately...pause....not a mounter....another pause....regain composure.....Yes...this deer will qualify for something referred to as a skull mount...to which my husband promises will look grand in his study...just one more pause...we're still working out the details on that. For the stats on this "BEAST" you must contact "wild bill" he'll fill you in!

8 Weeks....and counting

Here is a brief update on the world of Martin in the past week....some big happenings I might add. Will started a new clinical rotation in Columbus, which he appears to be enjoying...and why not..he takes Mary Cameron to my grandparents house in the mornings and he is greeted by a steaming pile of breakfast meats, gravy, eggs, and homemade buscuits on a daily basis...tough..really. I on the other hand had a mild to moderate, depending on who was observing, breakdown Monday morning as our new routine began. It's really hard to leave the little munchkin...I mentioned to Will that before we knew it she would be headed to college...he told me to get serious.....so I tried. Also, the highlight of the week...Mary Cameron turned a whoping 2 months old..she's quite entertaining as of late...lots of smiles, flatulance that would rival a grown man, and she's now added snoring to the mix..a real trip I've posted a few pics from the week..enjoy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

This and That

This photo is my dear Nana holding her 15th yes count em' 15th GREAT grandchild. I must give this jewel a shout out because she is 85..she checks my blog on her own high speed internet computer and she managed to live through raising my father....what a feat! We love you Nana, and from the looks of things...you've done this before!

lets give it up for a random post.....cameron and I gave mom and dad a painting for Christmas of the two of us when we were 5 and 2. The picture happens to be a fav of the rents, so why not recreate to a lifesize version so mom can stare at it above her prized piano as she tickles the ivorys for a mere 5 hours per day (give or take a few). It was a hit, and here we are in the above photo trying to recreate the facials...my how we've changed