Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday

Mary Cameron's GREAT GRANDFATHER made this wheelbarrow..Will and I planted a few things in it and Wha laa...a photo op! Also take note of the coordinating flower bubble she is sporting...handmade with love from Lollie

The man of the house

So least we have the cheeks in common!

Ready for a stroll.....

Above are a few momentos of a lovely friday...Weekend Wishes to you and yours!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Palooza!!!

Grammie holding Mary Cameron in her finery!
A random from the baptism last Sunday..pre bonnet

Just hanging out on a Monday afternoon...Adorable...

CC and Mary Cameron..Easter Love!

Too bad she isn't fond of her uncle...maybe it's a name thing??

Lollie and Mary Cameron Easter Lunch..i mean enough of the lace around my neck...please either give me some real food or take this dumb dress off...

The fam

Martin men...fine specimens

Mary Cameron's new Easter pail...sent with love from CC and Papaw

Cousin Maggie (the birthday girl) her party was the egg hunt....we hopped on over ( i got jokes!)

All the cousins..blood and otherwise..such sweet kids...they love Mary Cameron

Me, Aunt Mariah, Aunt Anna Katherine and Mary Cameron....enjoying yet another empty basket ..hey..who needs eggs when you got a good lookin' pail???

Here are some pictures from the Easter Weekend...Great, friends, food, fellowship...God is good!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Ya'll

hey there!! times!

Our Sweet friend Emily Maxwell

Starting to look a little more like my MOMMA....haven't missed a meal folks!

Do we look excited?

A fun!

So we just attended Mary Cameron's first Easter Egg Hunt at Robinson Lake..a lovely affair by any standards...we hunted some eggs...looked especially cute...took a few pics....drank some milk...hey, just another day at the office........Happy Easter

Thursday, April 2, 2009



Mary Cameron will get baptised on Sunday...her dress is a merging of two family heirlooms...Will's family's gown has been in the family for about 175 years and was worn by his great grandfather, etc, etc..A true antique and a real mint condition...My family's gown is made with the lace from my mom's wedding veil... the final product consists of THREE count em' THREE layers for the little princess...a slip with her name and the date monogrammed on back..then the antique from the Martin side..and the overlay from the Beaty side...a few pictures to document...but they hardly do it justice...OF COURSE..she will be adorned by a small bonnet... After the service the masses will be headed to our house for lunch....prayers for both segments of the day are requested! Love to of live event to follow

hey folks!

Uncle Andrew (Dupre') crashed the reunion and had a dandy time playing with his niece...welcome all....sorely disappointed at the t-shirt shortcoming..perhaps next year..going for your own branch eh?

Swell group

Aunt Joyce brought this handy toy to Mary Cameron...loves it!

My friends..what a long while it has been. March has been seemingly busy, first one thing and then another. Wild Bill had a birthday on the 17th...My own little st. paddy's day times! We've also had a family reunion of sorts..the fam from tennessee gathered at lollies house for an eventful few days..too bad the large oak tree t-shirts complete with labeled branches and a Bible verse to seal the deal were not handed out at the grand finale...great to see all of come back again...if you dare.........ALSO, two of my bestest tied the knot..Katherine Frances George Iglay and Amber Nicole Moore Kinnaird...such happy couples...cupid got it right on those two! And alas, how could I forget little love, Mary Cameron. She will be getting baptised on Sunday at First Pres...we just can't wait...a special day for everyone...she'll be the one wearing what resembles a tablecloth (according to dear uncle cam)...the gown does have a bit of history...I'll tell about it on the next post......Until spray tans....and do have those pets spayed and or neutered.......bye now!