Sunday, May 24, 2009

Docta' Martin

Will's crew..quite proud...Cary, CC, and Papaw...notice baby girl so not interested in the family photo op
Will's mom, Dr. Martin, and little love..stoked that she might get a new dress or two out of the deal...

Still dreaming of a new...say...bonnet??!!

the fam..notice I am holding on to the diploma for dear life

the actual...take that diploma and run like you stole it moment...

A BIG YAY for Graduation! Yes ladies and more free labor for Wild Bill Martin (a nickname his fellow brethren gave him up at the Kappa Sigma plantation...I couldn't be more proud..yes I know a bit cliche', but it's true...If your knee lets you down or you get "STOVE UP" you can find him at Rehab at Work in Columbus...some pics of the momentous occasion

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SUGARLAND concert and few more

daddy dearest...
lollie and uncle cameron

on friday night lollie and pop got us four kids tickets to THE SUGARLAND was a blast...some real candy for the eyes to feast on...mullets...crazy cowboys...ya know the usual boot scootin' crowd

lovin a new beach hat from grammie and a new suit from cc and papaw

Avent and Mary Cameron...the white shirt photo session continued

beach...take 2

Here's to the BEACH!!!

life in the kiddie pool

ignore the animal print suit...the "MOM siren was ringing in my ear"suprisingly no whistles in admiration from graduating seniors...what went wrong?

cool...sand in a diaper is sure to please

so off to the beach for a little family r&r....little love was thrilled to be there..gracing the beach with her presence for a week of squeels, sand, and a little of our best vacations by any standards...lollie, pop (and his poison ivy..youch...but hey, nothing took away from his beach bod...i mean nothin' dad), uncle cam, a lady friend (no more Beaty party of 5 to his delight), me, wild bill, and mary cameron....some pictures to document....