Sunday, November 8, 2009


A jolly group
Just fluttering in her nursery

this is certainly her best angle

a few of the costumes workin the room

oh yes my friends..are we still friends?? SO I promise to NEVA go blonde

It is just so natural..

So folks..what a hiatus this has been..long story short home renovation led to a computer issue that is now not allowing me to upload any pictures..and we all know a good pic is needed to document any tale. So I'm relying on emailed photos from friends...i'll give that a whirl for a while

here are a few from a halloween get together...Will and I are Nascar fans...I felt as though a blanket is needed to cover those legs, but I was hoping the WIG concealed my identity..HOWEVA..Will was awfully proud of his legs

On a much better note...Little Love is featured a an adorable butterfly..she had a lovely time

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday Summa Sun

Mary Cameron and Garrett went for a dip in Suga's pool on Sunday...we love a chance to show off our bathin' suit bod for the're right folks...she's been workin out!


The Big Guy


A tribute to all dads...what would the world be like without em'? In my particular case..pretty boring..what can I say...the guy..better known as big jim..(now on the facebook frontier...can't even talk about that) adds a splash of color to most all situations..he cherishes a good debate...loves pounce on stupidity..still hails as a bang up bass player..a crossword puzzle makes him giddy...and is quite possibly the author of the worlds funniest reading...Cheers to you dad!!

On to Sir William...hands down...LOVES THAT BABY GIRL...As for the role I've moved into...I've moved on in life to the official diper bag holder...and a dang good one...those don't just look good on any ole shoulder I've been told..hey..he still thinks mama's got it...or so I tell myself

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mary Cameron and her friends!!

Neighborhood Memorial Day gathering...quite a feat to get this many kids to act jolly!
Mary Cameron and Sara Stokes...BFF

Mary Cameron and Mr. Hallberg...adorable..

Mary Cameron and Jane Kimmel...once again...moving in!

Mary Cameron seems to be liking the ratio here...can we say HAM...and side note: there are no rubber bands on her arms...ALL NATURALLL folks

Mary Cameron seems to be moving in...Apparently Garrett doesn't dig girls in searsucker...OR...he saw the look on Will's face and decided he better pretend he WAS NOT interested!

Nothing better in life than great friends...Here are some pictures of Mary Cameron and her some of her bestest!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Docta' Martin

Will's crew..quite proud...Cary, CC, and Papaw...notice baby girl so not interested in the family photo op
Will's mom, Dr. Martin, and little love..stoked that she might get a new dress or two out of the deal...

Still dreaming of a new...say...bonnet??!!

the fam..notice I am holding on to the diploma for dear life

the actual...take that diploma and run like you stole it moment...

A BIG YAY for Graduation! Yes ladies and more free labor for Wild Bill Martin (a nickname his fellow brethren gave him up at the Kappa Sigma plantation...I couldn't be more proud..yes I know a bit cliche', but it's true...If your knee lets you down or you get "STOVE UP" you can find him at Rehab at Work in Columbus...some pics of the momentous occasion

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SUGARLAND concert and few more

daddy dearest...
lollie and uncle cameron

on friday night lollie and pop got us four kids tickets to THE SUGARLAND was a blast...some real candy for the eyes to feast on...mullets...crazy cowboys...ya know the usual boot scootin' crowd

lovin a new beach hat from grammie and a new suit from cc and papaw

Avent and Mary Cameron...the white shirt photo session continued

beach...take 2

Here's to the BEACH!!!

life in the kiddie pool

ignore the animal print suit...the "MOM siren was ringing in my ear"suprisingly no whistles in admiration from graduating seniors...what went wrong?

cool...sand in a diaper is sure to please

so off to the beach for a little family r&r....little love was thrilled to be there..gracing the beach with her presence for a week of squeels, sand, and a little of our best vacations by any standards...lollie, pop (and his poison ivy..youch...but hey, nothing took away from his beach bod...i mean nothin' dad), uncle cam, a lady friend (no more Beaty party of 5 to his delight), me, wild bill, and mary cameron....some pictures to document....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday

Mary Cameron's GREAT GRANDFATHER made this wheelbarrow..Will and I planted a few things in it and Wha laa...a photo op! Also take note of the coordinating flower bubble she is sporting...handmade with love from Lollie

The man of the house

So least we have the cheeks in common!

Ready for a stroll.....

Above are a few momentos of a lovely friday...Weekend Wishes to you and yours!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Palooza!!!

Grammie holding Mary Cameron in her finery!
A random from the baptism last Sunday..pre bonnet

Just hanging out on a Monday afternoon...Adorable...

CC and Mary Cameron..Easter Love!

Too bad she isn't fond of her uncle...maybe it's a name thing??

Lollie and Mary Cameron Easter Lunch..i mean enough of the lace around my neck...please either give me some real food or take this dumb dress off...

The fam

Martin men...fine specimens

Mary Cameron's new Easter pail...sent with love from CC and Papaw

Cousin Maggie (the birthday girl) her party was the egg hunt....we hopped on over ( i got jokes!)

All the cousins..blood and otherwise..such sweet kids...they love Mary Cameron

Me, Aunt Mariah, Aunt Anna Katherine and Mary Cameron....enjoying yet another empty basket ..hey..who needs eggs when you got a good lookin' pail???

Here are some pictures from the Easter Weekend...Great, friends, food, fellowship...God is good!