Sunday, November 8, 2009


A jolly group
Just fluttering in her nursery

this is certainly her best angle

a few of the costumes workin the room

oh yes my friends..are we still friends?? SO I promise to NEVA go blonde

It is just so natural..

So folks..what a hiatus this has been..long story short home renovation led to a computer issue that is now not allowing me to upload any pictures..and we all know a good pic is needed to document any tale. So I'm relying on emailed photos from friends...i'll give that a whirl for a while

here are a few from a halloween get together...Will and I are Nascar fans...I felt as though a blanket is needed to cover those legs, but I was hoping the WIG concealed my identity..HOWEVA..Will was awfully proud of his legs

On a much better note...Little Love is featured a an adorable butterfly..she had a lovely time