Monday, February 23, 2009

Holla if you hear me!

Hey readers...yes both of you...if you enjoy reading this nonsense...let me know...I'm a bit bored here in the great state of New Jersey, and would love to read some colorful comments!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long time no blog

Happy Belated Valentine's Day..from yours truly

Happy Birthday uncle Cameron...swell name you got...

Mary Cameron and Grammy...oh how we look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays!!

Hello Blogsters...not much happening around here...the sweet baby girl turned 3 months old on Valentines Day...she's rolling over..gave a little giggle today, and is growing so much. Wild Bill (will) is wrapping up his rotation in Columbus, I'm heading to Princeton for the week, and Drake seems to have just as much energy as ever....hey readers..side dad joined the local fitness facility, and I mentioned since he was going to be improving his bod..he might want to think about a sprapy tan...what a scream....

One more thing...

People..if you are in for a good chuckle please read my dear old dad's's a riot..I mean laugh out loud... you kind find him on my site or at .....a 53 year oldblogger who happens to answer to the name "pop" . DAD, you may be losing control of some things...but nobody can ever take away your creativity or your sense of humor...nobody

Tame that Mane

As an added bonus for the weekend...Lauren decided (or my 'we're never at a loss for words or opinions' group of friends decided for her) that it was time to get rid of the Krystal Gayle look. I mean once the hair can rest on the shelf that your buttocks' s time for a trim.....SOOOO lucky for Lauren Sally was staying in room #113 of the Martin Bed and Breakfast and could give her a quick snip....14 inches came off and into the bag to be donated...WHAT A PHILANTHROPIC group we are some pictures to document.

So much to tell...

Action photo....
Smith, bless him...had a hard time finding adequate room for his feet!

Sarah Spencer had just about enough of Mary Cameron...I mean stop hogging my dad's lap for goodness sake she so eloquently mumbled

I'll get you Wigley

Ok...Friends again...KD sisters Bid Day 2027

What a great weekend it was to get all the sweet babies together. They coexisted pretty well....the group included Sarah Spencer Wigley, Smith Stringer, Mary Cameron Martin, and Garrett and Bailey out world is all I can are a few of the highlights

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sheer Bliss...

always have to sneak one of this sweet thing in the mix!

Not much commentary coming your way on this one..just a few shots from the wedding weekend of Wyn and Katie....I've got quite a few members of the old crew...and the jr. versions as well coming over for a Sunday brunch at mi casa. So while everyone here is apparently still catching their last z or two...the feast is already prepared...I thought I'd settle in with the old blogaroo.....Back to Wyn and Katie... haven't seen a couple this happy in quite sometime....Here's to you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Fair is Coming to Town...

So I just got home from the infamous "spray tan" preparation for my dear friend Katie's wedding this weekend....which proved to be the most awkward and invasive procedure I've ever been a part of. Let me set the scene for ya...Cute college girl (size 0 on her biggest day) up at the know the real bubbly..I love life type.....asked if I was ready...of course I'm not because I was told to arrive in no braziere (still nursing)...and clothes I didn't care about..and FULLY EXFOLIATED. I'm not even sure how exactly you go about exfoliating, but I picked up some cream at the local dollar general and gave myself a good rub down before entering the local tanning booth. On with the story...I was told to strip down...what...strip down...I just had a child 3 months one thing was for certain Cute College Girl (CCG) was about to feel even better about her little self...after big mama with the nursing bosoms revealed herself.....wearing a hairnet no a scene out of the school cafeteria gone bad..........YIKES.........So I closed my eyes as the FRIGID subzero mist began to hit my post pardom bod......again I say YIKES...I asked CCG if she was awkward...of course the answer was no...and why would she be....she felt like a million bucks at this the torture lasted about 15 minutes...I have a lovely orange film covering me..was told not to shower for 12 hours...and not to sweat...well I jovially said to the CCG...'you can tell I haven't been doing enough of that...expecting maybe a " look good for just giving birth"...INSTEAD..she replied..."maybe you'll be able to do something soon.." which would have been fine if I hadn't just ran 3 stinkin miles before I went............Needless to say I look like a GLORIFIED FAIR WORKER...just a bit dirty ya know?? On a side note the only reason I got the stupid spray tan was because I have to jump off the roof to fit into the bridesmaid dress for the weekend...sort of resembling a busted can of biscuits... and I thought a tan busted can of biscuits might be easier on the eyes..............who knew...If you want a real adventure...go get yourself one of these....makes for an excellent Thursday night....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The gardener and his flower

Happy birthday to me....the celebration of 27 was semi lame...It's like there is someone else to share some attention with...what?

Alas, some new pics of the bambino....a side note: she tends to get more and more precious each day...and admittedly, I have completely turned into one of those annoying mom types that is completely obsessed with their child. Woah be unto the person who tries to mess with my kid on the school playground.............i will hunt you down