Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday Summa Sun

Mary Cameron and Garrett went for a dip in Suga's pool on Sunday...we love a chance to show off our bathin' suit bod for the're right folks...she's been workin out!


The Big Guy


A tribute to all dads...what would the world be like without em'? In my particular case..pretty boring..what can I say...the guy..better known as big jim..(now on the facebook frontier...can't even talk about that) adds a splash of color to most all situations..he cherishes a good debate...loves pounce on stupidity..still hails as a bang up bass player..a crossword puzzle makes him giddy...and is quite possibly the author of the worlds funniest reading...Cheers to you dad!!

On to Sir William...hands down...LOVES THAT BABY GIRL...As for the role I've moved into...I've moved on in life to the official diper bag holder...and a dang good one...those don't just look good on any ole shoulder I've been told..hey..he still thinks mama's got it...or so I tell myself

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mary Cameron and her friends!!

Neighborhood Memorial Day gathering...quite a feat to get this many kids to act jolly!
Mary Cameron and Sara Stokes...BFF

Mary Cameron and Mr. Hallberg...adorable..

Mary Cameron and Jane Kimmel...once again...moving in!

Mary Cameron seems to be liking the ratio here...can we say HAM...and side note: there are no rubber bands on her arms...ALL NATURALLL folks

Mary Cameron seems to be moving in...Apparently Garrett doesn't dig girls in searsucker...OR...he saw the look on Will's face and decided he better pretend he WAS NOT interested!

Nothing better in life than great friends...Here are some pictures of Mary Cameron and her some of her bestest!