Sunday, March 15, 2009

4 Months Old..Yippee!!

dear old dad

Mary Cameron and deep thought

Various Happenings

Lollie...and some new pajamas..

who knew a new hat was so exciting??

Aunt Annie sent Mary Cameron this bow...we're still getting use to it...what no bonnet? Thanks anne--it's a perfect fit!

For those of you who are my dearest will appreciate this picture...I'm a freak about the dog inside...IT SIMPLY DOESN'T HAPPEN...however, after Marley and Me..Will thinks the old chap needs to spend more time with his here they are...sniffin' each other out

So I'm back on dry land after a brief boatride around the glad to get my lovely post pardom bod out of that tankini...and I'm sure the tankini feels the same way...Will said I should have just worn a turtleneck as well...but hey the days of the strings (well lets face it..those should have never ever been in the picture to begin with) are long gone...I scream... MOTHER in these new beach duds..but comes with the least this spray tan was involved...just a screamin' white bod...on the top deck of that ship...far far away from the beautiful people below....enough about that ...How about my baby girl...she's FOUR MONTHS OLD....I missed her are a few pics of the reunion...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet Sara Stokes loves Mary Cameron!
Not so sure about this stuff mom...

Will and Drake checking things out

Snow and Rice Cereal...Does Life Get any Better?

Clean bowl club
Enough already

Give me the cereal woman...

So we ventured into the world of rice cereal on Saturday night...what a treat...the milk was beginning to get somewhat doesn't take much to please her these days. Mary Cameron seemed to enjoy it, and we enjoyed a little more sleep.........onto the world of snow...who knew a winter wonderland would be awaiting us on Sunday morning..a good excuse for condensed milk and snow ice cream before the sun officially reared its are some pictures from the two semi momentous occasions.